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Video of the Week

Wall NJ is an unlikely place to hold a drift event, let alone a professional even spanning a weekend. It is actually pretty close to the Jersey shore. One year we even took a trip to the shore store the night before the event started. I bring this up because renting a beach house to stay in while in town for the event would be really sweet.

Back to the event itself – Wall Speedway is a really small facility. Those of you familiar with small town circle track racing will understand the scale of this place. It’s much smaller than it looks in video. That is actually the most charming aspect of the place. You get a really intimate experience. It’s also “Home Field” for the most of the east coast guys. There is a real feeling of comradery similar to what you would feel at a local event.

FDNJ is fun, I recommend it to drift fans on the east coast. It’s not as fun as FDATL but it’s a good time. It’s just as much fun to explore NJ and New York City as it is to be at the event. My second to last trip to this event we took a side trip to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

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