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Bash Bangers

Love from Ontario!

Finally someone was able to send some pics after the sticker giveaway…. Thanks John for repping us!

Fall sticker giveaway

It is time again for some stickers…

email me (struka@teamrowdy.net) your shipping address and I will send you some.

Stacks on me…


Happy 4th!!!

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July celebrating with family and friends…drinking beer and grilling out!

To celebrate this great day, we are doing free sticker giveaway. Send an email to struka@teamrowdy.net with your name and mailing address and we will send you some stickers to get rowdy with.

Also, safety first when it comes down to fireworks!!!!

Rowdy Support!

Thanks Vance for the support! Car is looking good! 🙂

Thanks Alex for the support! 🙂

Keep on sending pics of tags!!! There will be a free sticker giveaway soon!


Speedhunters has a post about Shino Kouba’s Hachi. It’s pretty sweet and she has our sticker on it. You should go check it out!


THANKS SHINO! <3 <3 <3

D Jones is ready for ProAM


you got 3 days

It’s Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

Thanks for the support and the pictures dude!

FD 2011

Looks like we made the commercial for fd 2011. Well we didn’t make it, but they show really short clips of us having fun at fd. That counts for something right?

Killin’ for Fun

German paintball team The Roosters kicked some butt in Paris recently. Great job guys!!!
Thanks for the support.

war face

get some

team work


JTP is a cool dude

Spotted this on speedhunters. Team Rowdy sticker below the NEO oil sticker. There is also a pretty sweet Keep Drifting Fun Sticker.

California Trip

I went to California for the first time and I must say I was impressed by the state. The people were nice, food was AWESOME, and the scenery was great too. Traffic….SUCKED but I got use to it. I spent most of my time in Carson, Hermosa Beach, and Koreatown; however, I did visit Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Long Beach.
We also walked around Griffith park with Buddy and Lola…..they ENJOYED their time there. That park is just amazing.

I will defiantly go back there again but next time I want to drive on Rt.66 rather than flying.

Check out some of the pics I took…..

From the top of the roof looking towards HOLLYWOOD sign.
2010-03-13 14.48.36

Griffith Park
2010-03-13 16.51.45

Stopped by Venice Beach
2010-03-08 16.49.06

HAD to stop by Rogue Status. It was a must.
2010-03-12 16.30.45

In Koreatown…. all you can korean bbq.
2010-03-12 20.31.27

Funny story about this house. Supposedly the neighbors didn’t like his statue and told him about it. He went and bought a lot more of them and put them all over the yard. Lol.
2010-03-13 13.33.51

Buddy approves.
2010-03-13 11.37.03

It’s what america craves…


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