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Bro Star Bash

I made the long drive up to St. Louis to hang with some of the best people in the drift community. The day was full of crashes, broken cars, and super fun driftos. Big thanks to Swann from Drift Indy and ClubFR for the chance to get out on the track for these pictures. If you can get to Gateway for an event, you should, cause it is awesome!

This was my favorite thing ever. Built by Nocturnal Motorworks, this is the Coyote. It is a beast!

Chicago Boys were showing off their shiny new cars.

J-wang is my hero. He was by far the most impressive and handsome driver there.

Danger Dan was the fastest in my opinion, only one other car could keep up with him!

Was totally worth the 9 hour drive. Good people. Good driving. Good Times.

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