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Atlanta Dragway

Commerce, GA

Stock AE86 Drifting Automatic S14 Drifting

This was the first event for Struka and Marlow. Marlow’s Carolla was basically stock and Struk’s car had lowering springs but was still open diff and automatic.

Champions 250 Drift Challenge Round 1


Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta, GA

Dennis Mertzanis BMW 2002 Drifting S13 SR20 Drifting Pink NA Miata Drifting Sleeping at the track




Maxxis sponsored a multi-round drift competition in the southeast. The big prize was a contingency payout you got if you were running Maxxis tires and stickers. Dennis is drifting the 2002, Marty is in the now pornstar pink Miata and Erin is driving the S13. The S13 is still around and is now a Koru Works car.

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Turner Field

Atlanta, GA

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Dennis S14 Drifting Marty NA Miata Drifting Tony Shulz S14 Drifting


The engine setup in the red S14, built and driven by Dennis Mertzanis, is one of the first KA-T setups. It is still running in Struka’s car. The black S14 is another FD car for Tony Shulz. That’s Marty’s old miata before it was pink or supercharged.

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Turner Field

Atlanta, GA


Andrew’s Corolla is still around. It’s now owned by Chris Rhoad.

RS*R Drift Festival


Route 66 Raceway

Joliet, IL


Max Orido, Kazu Hayashida and Alex Pfeiffer Drove the RS*R demo cars. They also held a competition. I think Ken Gushi. Andy Sapp trailered his open diff E46 up from Atlanta to compete.

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12/4 /2004

Turner Field

Atlanta, GA
Andy Sapp E46 Drifting Huy AE86 Drifting Tony Shulz S14 Drifting

Check out the sweet “GO PRO” on top of Andy Sapp’s BMW. The AE86 pictured is driven by Huy, that car is now Shawn’s KArolla. Tony is driving the yellow S14, which is not his current S14. I think the yellow one got written off at the Chicago FD event in 2005.