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Club Loose 2018 NJ Drift Event Schedule

Pumped to be stoked for this.


East 10 Drift 2018 Schedule

We’ll see you boys around.

Drift Event Schedule

Video of the Week

It’s not a new video but it makes me want to go drifting every time I watch it.


Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day

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This Weekend 9/11-9/13

There are two big events we’ll be at this weekend.

Freedom Moves

Freedom Moves

This event is awesome. It is always schedule closed to 9/11 as a tribute to and celebration of America.


The second  is Holley LS Fest

LS Fest


We’ll be checking out the LS powered drift event and all the other cool stuff.

Video of the Week

Wall NJ is an unlikely place to hold a drift event, let alone a professional even spanning a weekend. It is actually pretty close to the Jersey shore. One year we even took a trip to the shore store the night before the event started. I bring this up because renting a beach house to stay in while in town for the event would be really sweet.

Back to the event itself – Wall Speedway is a really small facility. Those of you familiar with small town circle track racing will understand the scale of this place. It’s much smaller than it looks in video. That is actually the most charming aspect of the place. You get a really intimate experience. It’s also “Home Field” for the most of the east coast guys. There is a real feeling of comradery similar to what you would feel at a local event.

FDNJ is fun, I recommend it to drift fans on the east coast. It’s not as fun as FDATL but it’s a good time. It’s just as much fun to explore NJ and New York City as it is to be at the event. My second to last trip to this event we took a side trip to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

Video of the Week

East Coast Bash is probably the best drift event in the world; Englishtown Raceway is certainly the best place on Earth. This video does an excellent job of capturing the event. I really like the soundtrack too. I think once videographers really get a handle on filming with a drone we’re going to get some incredibly cool stuff. This video also features some “pole cam” footage that I’m going to credit to Bloodmasters and Englishtown. So many good influences on American drifting come from this place and Club Loose. The simplicity of the thrash cars that a handful of the drivers use might be their greatest contribution. Actually I think their greatest contribution is their dedication to our silly hobby. Keep up the good work guys!

Video of the Week

There isn’t much you can say about this video. I guess really I just want to thank whoever filmed it and posted it. I don’t really get the sense that these dudes would be embarrassed by it. If you don’t mind a little drunk foolin’ these guys actually look like they are fun to hang out with. At the very least it would be entertaining.

Video of the Week

Scott Mitchell Media serves up some Throwback Thursday with this unseen footage from 2011.

Formula D

Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta Promo Video (2014) by driftstream