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So the year is coming to an end. Time for a new winner to be crowned and this year, it’s videos. Throw’em up on youtubes, set them to unlisted, and e-mail me the link.


1. In the spirit of previous HBCOTY competitions, we’ll keep this cell phone quality. Your shots can be edited together on a computer, but all footage must be shot on your cellphone. Borrow a friend’s phone if you need to. I want to see new original content, not recycled footage from a real camera. Don’t want to see any fancy after effects haha unless you can do it yourself!

2. Length, up to a minute. Lil bit shorter or longer will be fine, I won’t be a stickler about this. Just keep it short and sweet.

3. Include a bunch of shots of your car. Gotta see the whole thing at least once, not just closeups.

4. Have fun with it and get creative, MTV Cribs, rap video, it’s all good. Could just be one single clip if you wanted *but that would have to be a reaaaally good shot*

Deadline for submissions: 17th of DECEMBER
Reason for this date is so I have time to judge and prepare a little extra winning/losing prize.
Crowning/Results will be announced at my New Years party.

Judging criteria:


Allez cuisine!

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