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Testing Road Atlanta for Drifting / Formula Drift : Dec 2003 + Jan 2004 from foilman on Vimeo.

About ten years ago I asked Road Atlanta about renting some track time to create drifting footage and was surprised when they mentioned a potential future event and wanted to see how suitable the various turns might be. They found time to squeeze me in a few days later and the deal was made. I returned the following month for a 2nd test along with fellow drifters Ben Schwartz, Jerry McGovern Jr, and Mike Schneider, where we met Jim Liaw and Ryan Sage of Formula Drift, and learned of the new pavement to be added to 10a-10b in preparation for the very first Formula D event.

This is a collection of raw clips from testing Road Atlanta. To some it will be boring, sad drifting… but try to keep perspective. It was over 10 years ago and US drifting was in its infancy, I had only about 250 hp, a viscous differential, and no coilovers or roll cage. Such an under-prepped car plus my relative inexperience made running the high speed esses a very serious, slightly sketchy, and amazing experience.

-Tony Schulz

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