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2 Pictures?

Is all I have found from the event so far. Hopefully one of our guys took some pictures and will have them up soon enough.



East Coast Thrash

Hey I kinda forgot to post my pictures. ECB was super fun, as usual. Big thanks to Club Loose for an amazing event and for helping me out with my lazy ass not getting a media pass in time. Love you guys.
I am actually really happy with these, as you can tell from the 170 something pictures in the album.
And the tons of highlights:








Can’t wait until next year!

East Coast Fuck You

Happy late July 4th! Prepare to get blasted by JerseyStreets

EAST COAST F*CK YOU from Jersey Streets on Vimeo.

Damn ECB was amazing much more to come!


Did I Mention Florida is Fucking Hot?

I really liked CFRC. I would love to drive there someday. The best part was when the drivers went super close to the barriers and the spectators held out big NOS signs for them to smash.
A big thanks goes out to Rob Flemming at NOS (#nossome) for everything he did for Andy and me over the weekend. Love ya!






Florida is Fucking Hot

Seriously. It was hot as hell. The track was much better this time. Daigo is a machine. Fences are dumb. Roadtrips are good.

Click Here






Update: Drifting at Turner

“Well it’s official, Drifting at Turner Field is Dead. Our efforts to save it fell on deaf ears with the City Council and the Mayor of Atlanta. We fought a tough fight. The petition had around 10,000 signatures with over 400 signatures being from city of Atlanta residents. We attended city council meetings and were given 2 minutes to speak after sitting for 2 hours while they gave awards to old people for being old and did the photo op thing. Nothing against old people ( I intend to be one some day, lol ), but they could have given us more time to speak. Kelly, John and myself did everything in our resources that we could do but we lost the battle.
Turner Field was fun, we had a good 8 years of drifting there but it’s time to move on.

The new plans:

I have several things in the works to keep drifting alive in Georgia.

1) Long Term – I have talked to Donnie Clack of Lanier National Speedway. We are getting estimates on tearing down the inner walls and buildings and paving the entire infield. This will leave the banking and provide a flat surface in the middle. Watch FD events from Wall New Jersey to see what we can do with that. Multiple course layouts for beginners and advanced drivers can be laid out simply by moving cones. More on this later as it develops.

2) I have contacted Atlanta Dragway to see if their lot is available. The parking lot ( not the drag strip )is over 1/4 mile in length and over 300′ wide. This is actually an upgrade from Turner’s useable area of 800′ x 275′. They have several open weekends on their schedule and I am trying to get some dates locked in.

3) I have also contacted Atlanta Motor Speedway to see what areas of the property can be had at an affordable cost. The media area is kind of small and the road course we used 3 years ago is OK but not great. The legends area and front stretch looks like it may be pretty good but I have never drifted it.

4) Way down south is a place called South Georgia Motor Sports Park. It’s one hour past Cordele, ( Cordele is not even being considered). The SGMP lot is huge. The 3.5 hour trip from Atlanta may be worth it if we can do 4th gear entry’s. The lot is over 2000′ long. I would like to find a place closer to home but still do 2 events there per year.

So this is what I have so far. There are a couple of non track places I am trying to get contact information on and I will let you know what develops.

Some of you purchased season passes earlier this year. E mail me if you would like a pro rated refund or if you would like to see what venues open up for us. (howards609@att.net)

Thanks for your patience while we deal with the low blow dealt to us by the City of Atlanta ( and remember this come election time ).”

-Howard Smith and the S 2 Staff

S2 After Party

It rained a bunch, but it was still a fun time! It dried out a bit in time for some tandems and for my lazy ass to go take some pictures.

All the pix

Big thanks to Joon, JR, Chris, Odi, Naoki, and of course our very own Dennis Mertzanis for stopping by and helping with the Save Drifting in Atlanta crusade!

DSC_0254 DSC_0251

On to the highlights!






Hope it was not our last Turner Event!

FD ATL In Pictures

I took some time off from my drinking to take some pictures!







Drifting at Turner

PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. WE MUST PRESENT OUR CASE MATURELY AND RESPONSIBLY IN ORDER TO EFFECT CHANGE. ALSO, COMPLETE THE INSTRUCTIONS AFTER THE LETTER BY EMAILING IT, AND POSTING IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THE MAYOR AND THE COUNCIL MEMBERS INDIVIDUAL EMAIL ADDRESSES AND FACEBOOK PAGES. PLEASE DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS PLAN UNLESS YOU CAN PRESENT YOUR CASE WITHOUT EMOTION. WE DO NOT NEED PEOPLE TO GO OFF ON OR BLAST ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. WE NEED TO PRESENT AS A LARGE, CALM, MATURE GROUP OR WE WILL SURELY NOT GET OUR POINT ACROSS. The Atlanta City Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting Drifting on private property located within 1000 feet of a residentially zoned district. THIS ELIMINATES DRIFTING AT TURNER FIELD. Our only hope is to convince the Mayor to VETO this amendment, and to convince the council to remove the ordinance after the VETO. Please go to this link: http://kasimreed.com/contact-us/ Fill in your name Copy and paste this into the subject line: PLEASE VETO the prohibiting of drifting through amendment 12-0-0502 (14) Copy and Paste the letter below into the message section of the form, and click submit. Dear Honorable Mayor Reed and members of the Atlanta City Council: I approach you today asking for a VETO of the amendment to the noise ordinance 12-0-0502 (14), passed in the Council Meeting of May 7, 2012. The car enthusiast community in Atlanta is strong in numbers; these numbers represent tax payers, business owners, consumers and voters. Please let this email stand to represent my one voice in these larger numbers, asking that a VETO be made on our behalf. The organizers of Drift events in Atlanta already strictly adhere to the current noise ordinance, and work with the community at large to present to the enthusiast and drift communities, events which are safe and within the guidelines very clearly represented by current ordinances. An amendment to this ordinance specifically targeting and prohibiting Drifting would result in a loss of income for Atlanta, for Turner Field, for shop owners, parts distributors, tire vendors, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and a myriad of other business throughout Georgia. In this tough economy, we should be searching for ways to keep and grow our avenues of income, not restrict them. There are currently other organizations which hold motor sports events within the City of Atlanta, specifically at Turner Field. These organizations include Auto cross events, Gymkhana events, and automotive dealership test drive / moral boosting events. To target Drifting in the midst of these other events is simply discrimination. In addition, the events at Turner Field offer the enthusiast the opportunity to increase driving skill and compete in events in a safe, controlled environment. The Drift events currently run by S2 Drifting in Atlanta have an accident free history to date. To keep Drifting in this safe and controlled environment will in turn, lesson the burden on Atlanta Police, Fire and EMS services by providing a safe outlet for motor sports and car enthusiasts. Please consider these facts and VETO the amendment to the ordinance. I respectfully thank you for your time. ———————————————————————————————————?—————– NOW SEND THE SAME COPIED AND PASTED EMAIL ABOVE TO THE FOLLOWING CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS EMAILS: ccmitchell@atlantaga.gov,csmith@atlantaga.gov,khall@atlantaga.gov,ilyoung@atlantaga.gov, cwinslow@atlantaga.gov,narchibong@atlantaga.gov,awan@atlantaga.gov,hshook@atlantaga.gov, yadrean@atlantaga.gov,fmoore@atlantaga.gov,cmartin@atlantaga.gov,kbottoms@atlantaga.gov, jmsheperd@atlantaga.gov,mbond@atlantaga.gov,aaronwatson@atlantaga.gov, hlwillis@atlantaga.gov ———————————————————————————————————?—————– THEN COPY AND PASTE THE SAME MESSAGE INTO A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING ON FACEBOOK: Mayor Kashim Reed, Cesar C Mitchell, Carla Smith, Kwanza Hall, Ivory Lee Young, Clera Winslow, Keisha Bottoms, Michael Julian Bond, Natalyn Archibong, Alex Wan, Howard Shook, Yolanda Adrean, Felicia Moore, CT Martin, Joyce M. Sheperd, Aaron Watson, H. Lamar Willis ———————————————————————————————————?—————– IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO POST ON THE MAYOR’S AND COUNCIL MEMBERS FACEBOOK PAGES, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING LIKE THE FOLLOWING: I am a taxpayer, consumer and voter and I support Drifting at Turner Field. ———————————————————————————————————?—————–

The Mayans Were Right!

Cool video from the first turner event of the year:

sweet tunes bra

Car Shows Are Boooooooring

So we went to Import Alliance Spring Meet, but we were late (sleep + pancakes). They were shutting it all down when we got there at noon. By 2 pm the whole place was empty
😐 😐 😐
😐 😐
At least we got some rolling shots!
There are some dumb pics here, but they are dumb





Drift Again!


Pictures Pictures Pictures










This weekend! Team Tandem Comp! Craziest Entry Comp! Goo Balls!




Drift Now Or The World Will Be Covered In Goo

The first event of the year at Turner Field was this past weekend. In the off season they poured sealant all over the lot that seems to be made up of some prehistoric goo. It was super slick and throughout the day large goo balls ended up all over the place. Goo on tires. Goo on cars. Goo on spectators. Goo Everywhere!



DJones destroying more tires and goo

Harrison vs. Sharer, they were killin em

Koopa’s hair was still perfect after a long day of drifting

Happy birthday Alex!

Sure was a good start to the season!

Pinch Me I’m Sideways-Traction Optional

Traction Optional Video made by Goonk. Enjoy!

Driving home from Memphis Drift Event

I really need to paint my car. I went there with a nice fresh bumper and came back with a destroyed one. Thank you zip ties.


our very own shawnshawn made this flyer.

S 2 Turner Events Sponsorship 2012

S 2 Turner Events Sponsorship 2012

OK guys and girls it’s that time of year again. We are gearing up for the 2012 Turner Field Drift Event season and we need your help. Hopefully all of our sponsors from last year will be back for more fun and we are hoping to pick up a few more.

This year in addition to the exposure we get at the events we will have booth space at Formula D @ Road Atlanta. This is a well attended event ( around 30,000 people and growing each year ) and our banners will be flying for all to see.

Last year was pretty successful. We had 3 events with pretty good turnouts. All events sold out in record time, between 12 and 36 hours. We were able to reduce the drivers fees at every event due to the attendance. This year we hope to do the same.

This year we have different sponsorship packages available. NOS has already agreed to be the presenting sponsor for the series. There will be individual Title sponsors for each of the 5 events. There will be Shop Sponsorships as well as Individual Sponsorships available with different perks that go with each level.

If you would like to help keep this thing going go to the S 2 Sponsorships page of Motorsportsreg.com for more information.

Thanks for making this possible – Howard

Event Dates:

March 24

April 21

May 13 Day after Formula D

July 21

Sept 22

Welcome to Atlanta Where the Playars SIT IN TRAFFIC

Varsity Meets = traffic, donks, burnouts, traffic, cheezburgers, traffic, and traffic
This is from the October meet (I know I’m 2 months late editing, but I don’t care)

Koopa made his grand entrance to ATL by promptly ripping off his body kit on the first speed bump he saw

GG thinks he’s a drifter now, but we know inside he will always be a Honda Kid

This car is a different color now.

Hey look! It’s shawnji’s old car! Do you guys remember when he actually drifted his own car at events? Yeah me neither.