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You’ve found the Team Rowdy website. If you’re looking for information about the Atlanta drifting team, you’re in the right place. If not, you’re already here, might as well take a look around.

Team Rowdy has been wrapped up in Atlanta’s Drifting History since the beginning. From NOPI demos, to Turner Field events, to the very first Formula D ever. We’ve been there, let us tell you about it!

What even is a Team Rowdy? Sometimes we’re a party team, other times we’re an eating team, but we’re always Handsome Devils with Hearts of Gold.¬†After some light stalking you quickly discover our members really don’t have anything in common except drifting. With that being said, we were raised by Fast and Furious movies, so we treat each like family.

Our Old School Blog is a great way to travel back in time and get reacquainted with drifting in America and around the world. YouTube has really changed the way we invade other people’s lives and kinda killed blogging. For now, we don’t do much with our channel. If you are bored enough to read all this then you should go subscribe to it anyway.

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